Hello & welcome to Honey & Ivy!!! 
The home of hand painted pots & homewares. 
Honey & Ivy was founded in 2020, and has grown to be what it is today with a beautiful community of plant and pot lovers. 

I am Carmen, the owner of Honey & Ivy Pots. I am a Mum of 2 beautiful children, a Wife and I also own 2 other businesses as well. 

Honey & Ivy is a partnership with my Mum & Dad. We have always been good little business partners. We have ran markets & small businesses for many years. My Dad and I hand paint each and every pot from scratch. Each of our pots require hours of prep work even before your designs go on them. 

I have a love for interiors and my father a love for outdoors & exploring. 
Put both of those together and we have Honey & Ivy Pots. 

Come watch us grow.. Pun totally intended.