Hello & welcome to Honey & Ivy!!! 
The home of hand painted pots & homewares. 
Honey & Ivy was founded in 2020 by our beautiful friends Mel & Lenny. It has since has been sold in 2022 & bought by me (Carmen). 

My Mum, Dad & I have always been good little business partners, We have always ran markets & small business for many years. This one was different though. Honey & Ivy felt right. I was with Mel from the beginning of Honey & Ivy. I watched it grow into the business it is today offering my business knowledge and social media marketing skills along the way. 

When Mel mentioned she wanted to sell I had to purchase this baby to keep it alive. Just like our plants. :P 

So here we are. Honey & Ivy's newest owners. 

Come watch us grow.. Pun totally intended.