Welcome To The Jungle Doormat
Welcome To The Jungle Doormat
Welcome To The Jungle Doormat

Welcome To The Jungle Doormat

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Honey & Ivy have teamed up with the wonderful Doormates to bring you these high quality and amazing doormats.

We don't know about you, but inside our house is a world of plants. Our own little jungle.

What makes these Doormats so unique? Here’s some of the standout qualities:

  • We’re made of the good stuff - Ethically sourced and made from sustainable natural coconut fibers (Coir), these durable doormats are tightly woven for minimal shedding and bound with a natural latex for added strength. Making these doormats perfect for those that want style and quality without compromising the environment.
  • Professionally printed - The unique printing method creates a richly textured, longer lasting embossed print with a stand out finish every time.  
  • Stop dirt at your front door - These durable doormats are amazing at removing dirt, mud and moisture from footwear. And will help to keep your entrance clean and protect your floors. 
  • Easy to keep clean - Simply give your doormat a good shake or scrape off mud, dirt and debris with a stiff brush.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the recent Covid Lockdowns the turnaround times may be up to 4 - 6 weeks.

Turnaround times - Your beautiful new doormat will be made to order. Standard printing time is 10-15 business days, please also allow a few days for shipping. This may be slightly longer in busy periods.
HAND PAINTED POTS: All ordered that include a hand painted pot will be  shipped within 2-4 weeks of the order being placed. 
HOMEWARES & ADDITIONAL ITEMS: If you have placed an order that does not include a hand painted pot then your order with be shipped within 24-76 hours of your order being placed.
Shipping costs are set on a flat rate price based on the size and weight of the products you have ordered. We do our best to keep this cost as low as possible for our customers.
Shipping is available Australia wide and all shipping rates are based on metro areas of Australia. Due to this reason, under extremely rare circumstances we may cancel or refuse sales to rural or regional parts of Australia. If this is the case you will be contacted to inform you of this decision and a refund will be issued.
If in the unlikely event that your products arrive damaged or broken, please contact us within 24 hours via email to let us know. Please include photos of the damaged item, as well as photos of the box it arrived in. This will help us to rectify the issue as soon as possible for you.
Email: honeyandivy_@outlook.com

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